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2013 SAH Study Day in Columbus

Open: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 1:00:00 AM - Saturday, September 14, 2013 1:00:00 AM

Submission Guidelines

October 4: Study Day in Columbus, IN - FELLOWSHIP APPLICATION

The Award
The fellowship covers the single occupancy price of the tour package. Also included is a travel stipend of up to $200 intended to provide underwriting for travel to and from the Study Tour destination. The travel stipend portion of the award is granted on a reimbursable basis, paid after the study tour with travel receipts and a completed Travel Reimbursement Form. SAH suggests that if additional financial support is needed to cover other related expenses (airfare, meals not covered, etc.) that the applicants contact their respective university/college, academic advisor, department head or employer to investigate the financial opportunities afforded them.

Criteria for Application
Study Tour Fellowships are open to current full-time MA and PhD students and emerging professionals who have received a MA or PhD between 2008-2012. Applicants must be a current SAH member or become one prior to the deadline of application as listed on the form. 

Reporting Requirements
Study tour fellowship recipients are asked to complete a report for each day of the study tour. To see examples from previous study tours, visit the Study Tour Fellow Reports page. Fellowship recipients are also asked to write a piece for the SAH eNewsletter (750 words) that explains how the tour contributed to the recipients' research. Within one week of the conclusion of the tour, fellowship recipients are required to upload images to SAHARA (25 for a study day, 50 for a domestic study tour, 100 for an international study tour).

Application Details
To apply, you will need to provide:
A statement (in English, 300 words) that explains how this fellowship will advance your studies or interests.
A curriculum vitae (5 pages max)

One letter of recommendation - Link to recommendation form: http://www.sah.org/jobs-and-careers/sah-fellowships-and-grants/fellowship-recommendation-form

Competition Tasks

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